Should You Allow Your Baby to Nap in an Infant Swings?

As parents, you know how difficult it can be to soothe a fussy baby and get them to go to sleep. When you find a technique or device that you can use to help your child fall asleep it sometimes feels like you have won the lottery. For many parents, one of those things is a baby swing. The best baby swings out there will slowly rock and soothe your baby, even helping them to fall asleep. But, is sleeping in the swing safe and healthy for your child?

There are some concerns when it comes to allowing your baby to sleep in an infant swing. In terms of safety, spending extended periods of time in an upright position can make it difficult for kids to breath, which increases the risk of SIDS for your child. For that reason, you should always supervise your baby while in the swing and never let your baby sleep in the swing overnight. Further, while not a medical or safety concern, allowing your baby to fall asleep in their swing too often can mean that they develop the habit of needing to be in it all the time to fall asleep. This will make it difficult in the long run to get your baby to sleep well in their crib. You do not want to form bad habits in your child that will make it more difficult for both of you in the future.

As parents your number one concern is the safety of your child, so it is important that you know and understands the possible dangers of allowing your baby to sleep in a swing so that you can make the best decision for the health of your baby. However, the concerns mentioned above do not mean that you should never let your child sleep in their swing. Occasional naps in the swing where they are fully supervised by you and safely strapped into the swing are perfectly fine and can be very helpful for times when your baby is unusually fussy.