What is Erectile Dysfunction icd 9 and What are the Causes of ED icd 9?

Are you experiencing Erectile Dysfunction? Then consider yourself to be in luck because we will be discussing something called the erectile dysfunction icd 9 today. It stands for what is called the International Classification of Diseases and is placed under the 9th revision. This is makes categorization of these diseases easy and it becomes easy for people to research on this. Let us find out what is it in details:

What is Erectile Dysfunction icd 9?

Many a time erectile dysfunction icd 9 is classified under Organic impotence and that is the inability to keep up erection for vaginal penetration or at times unsatisfactory erection to complete the process of intercourse. It is not known for sure that this deficiency is part of this or not but since it is sometimes labeled under this category. You can know more details and specifically from here: http://www.edcure.biz.

Cause of Erectile Dysfunction icd 9

Again, there is no difference as to what causes this dysfunction. It could be owing to guilt, conflict, depression or anxiety. There is no specific set of causes, but we know is that the following can act as a trigger:

  • It could be the result of a surgery
  • Some medication that a patient is prescribed for
  • Kidney related diseases
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Stress also could be a major factor that adds to this

If you think that erectile dysfunction icd 9 is a menace, then you need to very attentive to this part of the discussion. You should make lifestyle changes to prevent disorders like these. For this you should exercise, walk for 2 miles and eat right to see the difference. Maintaining a healthy living habit can see you through a lot of diseases and ED is just another code that will be decoded with some caution.

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